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  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
    Environmentally friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant
    has low Global Warming Potential (GDP). Meets all USA,
    California & Canada refrigerant & energy standards.



  • Intelligent Electronic Control
    Electronic controller (CIF) assures optimal refrigeration
    performance through precision temperature control,
    and intelligent control defrost cycle, compressor &
    other component functions.



  • High Power Reliable Refrigeration System
    Fast pull down, optimal internal air circulation and
    reliable refrigeration, maintaining colder temperatures
    for food preservation.



  • Standard LED Lighting System
    Ultra bright 250 LUX, low energy interior LED
    illumination system provides optimal merchandise
    display visibility. Low profile, door mounted, clip-in LED



  • Evaporator Housing
    Injection molded, flame retardant plastic evaporator
    housing provides optimal air flow and reliable
    condensate drainage during defrost cycles. Optimal
    improved aesthetics and improved design for
    accesibility during maintenance & assembly.



  • Glass door optimal thermal design
    3 pane glass, argon filled & sealed, plus 2 low-E UV
    protection films deliver optimal thermal insulation.
    Safety glass exterior pane. Extruded plastic door frame,
    corner welded for optimal thermal properties and
    reliability. Standard anti-fog film on interior glass for
    rapid condensation removal after door closing.



  • Heated door & humidity sensor
    90 Watt heater on external door glass, electronically
    controlled by humidity sensor. Heater activates from
    55% RH in order to evaporate excessive condensation
    on exterior glass. Heater eliminates majority of
    condensation for optimal product visibility and
    prevents condensate runoff/puddling up to 70% RH
    in 90°F/32°C environment. Heater de-activates below
    55% RH, for optimal energy consumption and DOE



  • Manual Lock - External lock available



  • Baskets - 2 provided as standard.



  • Price Kit - Available for shelf display



  • Door hinges


Increased strength, reliability and insulation. Door hinges strength increased
using 10 Gauge steel. Bottom hinge is ‘hollow’, 8.8mm hole allows LED, Door
heater & other harnesses to pass through for optimal reliability, and covers
optimal door frame insulation. Increased spring strength delivers reliable door
closing. Eliminates 90 degree hold open & soft closing.[/list_item]


  • Spark-Free Refrigeration Components
    All Reach-In models will have spark free refrigeration components for optimal
    safety, per UL requirements.



  • Wooden Pallet
    Sturdy wooden pallet which provides support and security in the shipping
    and storage of the freezer, with easy access & removal.



  • General Power Switch Accessibility
    Switch location moved to front of cabinet, immediately behind the front
    grill, for improved accessibility, thus avoiding the need to move cabinets to
    power-o , during maintenance and cleaning.



  • Vacuum Valve
    Ensures door is able to be re-opened, within 5 seconds, to reduce the effects
    of rapidly cooled air and vacuum effect.



  • Lower Drain
    One piece, transparent lower drain hose, ensures visibility & consistent
    condensate drainage for optimal defrost function.



  • Evaporator Defrost Heaters
    Evaporator 3 Heaters; Two heaters run constantly to eliminate ice build-up
    below the evaporator (300 Watts) and drain line (8.2 Watts), and a third heater
    (125 Watts) for defrost function (Defrost cycle runs every 3hrs, up to 30 mins or
    to 68°F Evap temp whichever is reached first).



  • Cabinet frame
    Heated surround, to reduce condensation after door opening, aided by
    double door gasket.



Kool-It LX-46FB Double Glass Door Merchandiser Freezer

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